The Outlawed Veterans Community is a multi-gaming community, focused mainly around European gamers. We are a group of adult players who have gathered together as a community with one single purpose and that is to game together!

This website serves as our base of operation! We play all sorts of games, to name a few of the popular one's: Arma 3, Battlefield V, War Thunder, Company Of Heroes 2, Anno 1800, Valheim, Zero hour, Ready Or Not... We are always looking to expand into other games and remain a solid community which will keep on gaming!

What to expect?


As a gaming community we don't play just one game! We play all sorts of games, whatever we like!


Together we try to have some banter and challenges for the fun of it!

Making friends

Our community contains members from all over the world, although our focus is in Europe!


Positive attitude and keep having fun playing together!


We use Teamspeak for talking to eachother. So make sure to get a microphone and join us! Download it here.


We follow the latest news on game, hardware & software releases!