Server Rules

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Server Rules

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General Rules

Hacking, glitching or money duping, or any suspected type of lag-switching will result in a permanent ban.

Any form of racism or discrimination is not allowed.

You must have a clear and working microphone and must be able to speak English.

You NEED a roleplay reason to kill someone. Killing someone without a reason is classed as RDM.

You are not allowed to use Delegated KOS unless all parties are at the same location or you
have told your enemy you have other people on your team nearby

You are not allowed to take someone hostage after they have been revived by medics, however, police can still arrest people.

Wearing police clothing, whether it was found or stolen, is not permitted for Civs/Medics.

Wearing medic clothing, whether it was stolen or found, is not permitted for Civs/Police.

Medics are not allowed to possess firearms.

Entering debug zone is not acceptable.

South of the border is a lawless state and is not government controlled, meaning that there are no laws to be enforced. Although NATO may take action against rebel factions if they believe they are aiding the flow of illegal entities into the north.

Logging out during, after or to avoid a combat situation is not acceptable unless you have direct permission from an Admin.

After robbing a person, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob them again.

Stream sniping is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.

You must not purposely bait cops. For example, you must not purposely drive in and out of the police HQ to have an officer initiate on you.

Compensation requests must be in the form of a video or steam screenshot as evidence.

You can't camp spawn points/rob people at spawn.

Any Civilian who enters NATO or TMP base may be shot on sight only if they are armed. [This does not give rebels initiation on the cops inside]

Messaging/using side chat does not count as initiation.

You are not allowed to type in the global channel

Direct baiting is not allowed..

Picking up weapons from a person's dead body before it has disappeared is not allowed.

Random Death Match Rules

RDM is failure to initiate and punishments will be given

Initiation can only and must be done verbally. Civilians and Police must abide by this rule. Initiation must be clear to the opposing party that you are threatening their life. If no weapon is involved in the initiation it does not count. You must give optimal time for the person to respond or react.

If a player hops out of the vehicle with there weapon out or if they are holding a weapon while on foot and initiation is made then the initiating party may kill the player if he turns his weapon towards the initiating party

You cannot kill someone unless they have threatened your life, stole something from you or have not complied with your demands.

When you're inside of the rebel-controlled zone/rebel compound it doesn't mean you can RDM civilians.

Suicide vests or IEDs are weapons that can be used as initiation. If a player places an IED in a manner of initiation towards cops or civilians he may be killed

Vehicle Death Match

You may not VDM a player and then initiate on them.

VDM trolling is punishable.

You are not allowed to intentionally blow up another vehicle by ramming it.

Ramming a vehicle off the road and then initiating is allowed. The opposing party does NOT have to value their life once rammed and initiated on. Head on collisions and initiating is NOT allowed

Initiating from a vehicle is allowed. Initiating from an aerial vehicle is not allowed. If you are on whisper during your initiation and the opposing side did not hear you it is your fault, the initiation is invalid

New Life Rule

You are not allowed to return to the scene of your death for 15 minutes after you respawn. You cannot use any information from your previous life once dead.

If you're revived by a medic you must not participate in the fight.

If the situation you were previously in has moved to another location on the map after your death, you still cannot join back until 15 minutes after your death has passed.

Roleplay Rules

Roleplay on this server is very light.

Value of life does not stand on this server but initiation must be done.

If you are arrested or tied up you may not combat log. At that point you are at the will of the initiator.

Bank Robberies/Terror Attacks/Hostage Taking/Suicide Vests

At a bank robbery, there must be some kind of roleplay, an unarmed officer must enter the bank to conduct negotiations. Once the officer has made contact you can refuse to negotiate, and
KOS can begin on any armed officers around the bank.

If a hostage is present then negotiations must happen. If the rebel party does not have a hostage or the rebels are using one of their own as hostages the cops may call off negotiations at any point.

When negotiations are called off. Both sides must give 10 seconds before shooting/killing each other. This also includes giving the negotiator time to leave.

If any civilians are armed near the bank that are not involved it is not the police’s fault if they are shot

During a bank robbery, you may not send a text to the police saying KOS. Initiation must be done verbally

When Declaring War on a town you must give notice to the police and civilians time to react. Shooting unarmed civs is RDM. Only armed rebels and police may be killed

During the war on rasman/checkpoint, if you are not affiliated with that war (You/Your gang did not declare it) and you then proceed to shoot officers or rebels it is classed as RDM. you may only engage the party if you are initiated on.

You can not take any negotiators hostage, nor can you rob them for their gear.

If you've declared war you must have a visible firearm at all times.

Only 1 gangs maximum can declare a war/attack checkpoint at the same time. (No other gang can help in raids)

Civilians may not bait cops while they are dealing with an active MAJOR CRIME. E.g. You may not run around with an illegal / stolen equipment near officers that are trying to negotiate.

Admins have full right to deny a war request, anyone seeing going to another admin after it being denied will be punished.

Gang Rules
All gangs must have some form of a roster that staff can access to see who is in the gang.
If a member is removed from the gang. The leader or co-leader must go to requesting staff to have that person TeamSpeak tags removed.

If a member of your gang has initiated all members of the gang are involved in the initiation

Gang members DO NOT have to have the same gang clothes

Gangs are not allowed to be part of the same situation.

Gangs who are not active that own a gang base will have there base removed.

Police Rules

Police Officers can not be corrupt.

Police Officers may not shoot unarmed civilians without reason.

SOP’s must be followed.

If Rasman / Checkpoint is “Code Red” (sirens are on). Any armed individual 1km around Rasman/Checkpoint will be shot on sight.

Base Raids must be declared before entering a hostile base. This applies both to TMP and NATO.

Police are allowed to engage on civilians calling their position out during a firefight which could put the officers life at risk.

Police must value the hostage's life if the opposing party has a hold of the hostage. Negetioants must be made. Killing of the rebel in a “I have a clear shot” does not value the hostages life and removal of police rank may occur.

Police may only man the checkpoint with 7+ cops.

NATO may travel south of the border to stop drug crime and raid bases. Any cops south of the border are KOS’s. If police are shot at while south of the border they may return fire to the shooting party.

Medic Rules

Medics can not be corrupt

Medic’s must be neutral

Combat reviving is not tolerated.

Medic are not allowed weapons

Green Zones

Medical outposts and clinics are green zones and you are not allowed to commit any crimes inside of them.

Police HQs are also green zones and you should not attempt to commit any crimes inside of them. ATM’s are green zones up to 10m You are not allowed to run inside of any green zone during a combat situation.

You are not allowed to bait or trash talk inside of any green zone. If you are found attempting to bait or trash talk you will be issued a punishment

Do not attempt to troll inside of any green zone. You should not attempt to harm anyone inside of a green zone from outside of it. You can only engage officers inside of a green zone if they shoot at your first.

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